Sunday, January 10, 2010


Naked hands

Desire for options regardless

To spread fingers slowly over new crevasses –

not feeling the difference but knowing choice just the same.

All the dancing people. Hazy sight, sticky smells, floating bodies suggesting chance.

Hands reaching for the one you came with. Doesn’t feel the same – likeness was lost at the door.

The fashionably rough help with wet daydreams. Too intoxicated to stand but willing to offer temporary warmth.

Flailing endearments lose their punch when followed by exasperated departures to the bathroom - i meant to leave altogether.

The newness of old friction – embarrassing and dry with its roundabout escape from familiarity.

Finger nails itch to dig deep: indentations, dipped in sweat.

Loss of anticipation leveled by vibrating eyes – confused and forgetful.

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denielle said...

oo la la. so sexy